MST Series 10-2000 kVA Static Voltage

6 - 2000 kVA     3:3 Phase
1 - 50 kVA     1:1 Phase

• Microprocessor Controlled Voltage Regulation
• Precise Output Voltage Control
• Real Static-Modular Structure with Thyristor and SMPS Technology
• High Voltage Correction Speed
• Maintenance-Free Technology

The microprocessor-controlled MST series Static Voltage Regulator is a voltage control, protection, and management device with high-speed semiconductor technology.
It optimizes irregular electricity from the city grid to meet the needs of your business and electronic devices.
It is compatible with all load types and can evaluate voltage drops and increases of -60% or +40% of the grid voltage within 0.020 seconds and correct them at a speed of 500V/sec.


The MST Series Static Voltage Regulator transfers the electrical energy it receives from the grid to the output and constantly monitors the output voltage.
If there is any deviation in the output voltage from the desired value, the microcontroller control unit immediately selects the appropriate input and output windings of the transformer and connects the ends of these windings to the input and output of the regulator using semiconductor power switches (thyristors) to ensure that the output voltage remains within the desired values.

Thus, it obtains the desired voltage level between the input energy from the grid and the additional energy it creates with the suitable voltage level, adding or subtracting from the voltage level of the grid.


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